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Trip to Hingolgadh Fort Near Jasdan | Gujarat Tourism | India

Posted by Nitin Maheta | February 07, 2020 Comments: 0
I am back with another experience of my next trip to Hingolgadh, Aalan Sagar Lake, and Bhimora. It was exactly after 13 days of coming back from the Statue of Unity. Together with my Travelling Buddy, Mr. Bhavesh Sondagar, we planned that he would travel from Surat to Rajkot. From Rajkot, I will accompany him for the next 60 kilometers to Jasdan. All the places we planned to visit, that is, Hingolgadh, Aalan Sagar Lake, and Bhimora, were near to Jasdan. And my maternal family resided at Jasdan. And this time, we not booked any hotel room but stayed at Maternal Uncle's home.

Rajkot to Jasdan (60 KM)

Saturday- 28th December 2019
Bhavesh took a bus from Surat at 5 in the evening on 27th December 2019 and reached Rajkot around 7 in the morning the next day. Around 8 in the morning, we both left for Jasdan and arrived around 10.

We both had lunch at my Maternal uncle's place and then went for Hingolgadh.

Jasdan to Hingolgadh (18 KM)

From Jasdan, my cousin brother, Bhavesh Mandir, accompanied us to Hingolgadh, and thus, we needn't have to use Google Maps.

While traveling, we had a great look at an old railway station, which is closed now. We clicked a few pictures there.

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Coming back, we left from the old railway station to Hingolgadh after clicking a few pictures.

Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary

The moment we entered the Hingolgadh, There is a Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary. It is a low rain area forest. The specialty of this forest is its greenery, which remains only during the monsoon till the beginning of Autumn. It doesn't have much variety of trees, but it is a heaven of 230 Bird species and few snake species too.

As the name of this Sanctuary suggests, the Nature Education, it organizes different events for the school and college students. The trees of this Sanctuary are marked with their names, identification, and benefits. The guides who are employed here in the Sanctuary know the birds and trees in depth. They even guide the visitors about how to identify the poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

I already visited this place before, and the main place I wanted to visited was Hingolgadh Fort. Previously, we planned to visit the Sanctuary while returning from the Fort, but we came to know that we can't visit the Nature Education Sanctuary after 5 in the evening.

Hingolgadh- Heritage Fort

And finally, we reached Hingolgadh Fort. The picture below is the front gate of the Hingolgadh Fort.

Entering inside, we saw a banner, and it mentions the entry fees to the Fort. The entry fees to the Fort are 50 INR per person, and if a child of 7 years or below is accompanying you, then child entry fees are 20 INR. You can park your vehicle inside the parking lot at a minimal charge. The bus charge is 50 INR, the car charge is 20 INR, and the Bike charge is 10 INR. Affordable. Right?

A significant rule mentioned, which is to be followed here, 'Don't litter the place.'

Entering the place and it looks like this, the picture below.

Isn't it beautiful?

We parked our car and moved forward, entering the Fort. Climbing above the place, it feels like the temperature is coming down, colder. I mean that it feels like we are at a hill station.

So, finally, we entered the Fort and paid the entry fees. Here we have to pay for video shooting as well. And the charges are 50 INR.

In the Hingolgadh Fort, on the right side, there are a few rooms where we got to see some old pictures of the King of the Fort, see the image below.

He is the King of the Fort, Shri Aala Chela Khachar Bapu. He is the one behind the construction of this Fort, and he lived here only. King's son, Shri Satyajit Khachar, now maintains this Fort, who lives in Jasdan's Fort, which is 5-times bigger than Hingolgadh Fort.

This information is shared with us by Ajay, who is a caretaker of this Fort. He shares all the information about the fort with the visitors here, and we are thankful to him for the same.

Jail inside Hingolgadh Fort

Ajay, the caretaker of this Fort, told us that there used to be a jail, but now that place only has the old-time utensils which were used for cooking and storing water.

Historical Antiques of Hingolgadh Fort

On the first floor of Hingolgadh Fort, there are a few rooms where you will find many antique items like old times bed, dining table, fans, table lamps, paintings, and much more. Also, few things were even renovated too.

Secret Passage Inside the Hingolgadh Fort

Coming back to the Ground Floor of the Fort, there is a secret passage on the left side. The secret passage takes you to the village directly. According to the observation, this passage is an escape way when enemies tried to intrude on the Fort. Although this secret passage is closed now and we can go till halfway because further, we didn't felt safe as there were a lot of rat noises inside.

There is a well right in front of the secret passage. It was used in the old time for drinking water.

And the windows you can see in the above picture, are the windows of the rooms of princesses and queens.

GHODAHAR- The Living Space for Horses inside the Hingolgadh Fort

After exploring the Hingolgadh Fort, we went towards the entry gate again, where we saw the Ghodahar, a place for the horses. Although there wasn't any horse, we saw a few old pictures and awards which seemed to be winning awards in the horse race.

Till now, we were inside the Fort. Now, we are a little outside on the right side, a little above from where we can see the whole village.

It took time for us to explore the Fort because we were doing the video shoot as well. If you plan a trip to this Fort, then it will take you around one hour.

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So, now its time to move back to Jasdan. Tonight, we will stay at my Maternal Uncle's home, and in the morning, we will leave for Bhimora. The video for Bhimora has already been published on my YouTube channel, and soon I will post the blog too.

Update: Jasdan to Bhimora blog has been published

Here are a few pictures of the night spent at Jasdan, my Maternal Uncle's home.

See you in the next.

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