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I am back with the second part of my previous article, where I mentioned about my experience from Rajkot to Hingolgadh. In brief, I would like to say again that I traveled with my Travel buddy Mr. Bhavesh Sondagar and we stayed at my maternal uncle's home in Jasdan.

Now, it's about my second day, which is 29/12/2019, where I will talk about my experience from Jasdan to Alan Sagar Lake and Bhimora.


After exploring Hingolgadh, we came back to Jasdan and spent our night at my maternal uncle's home. We planned to wake up at 5 in the morning, but it was so cold that we couldn't be able to make up our mind. It is about the winter season, and when you visit this place during winters, you will experience the extreme cold, which is different from that of the cities. You can feel the difference in the weather can through the smell of the air itself. After a long time, I had a deep sound, peaceful sleep. And we woke up at 8 in the morning and left home at 9 for Bakhalvad village, which is 5 km from Jasdan. This time my maternal brothers, Anil Mandir and Bhavesh Mandir, along with my brother-in-law, Gautam Chanv, accompanied us.

Alan Sagar Lake at Bakhalvad Village

Alan Sagar Lake is situated at Bakhalvad, a small village near Jasdan. The people of Jasdan (75,000 population) gets 7 million liters of water from this place. This place doesn't have anything else to visit other than the Alan Sagar Lake, but we liked this place for photography. So, if you love to click pictures, then it is the best place to click the best shots.

Here are some pictures which we clicked.

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We spent around 30 minutes at Alan Sagar Lake and then left for Bhimora, which is 36 km from the lake.

And finally, we reached Bhimora, and you can see the stone mountains all over the area. The beauty of this place makes it a unique one among all because it was a mesmerizing view of the village between the stone mountains surrounding it.

This place is Bhimora Cave, and you can see the picture below. The brick in the center is a wall, and there was used to be a cave. And the cave opens up in Junagadh, which is 160 km from this place though this cave has been shut after reconstruction.

This place has the Bhimora Ashram, a Primary School, and a High School, which is inaugurated by Karamsinhbhai Makwana, the MLA of Surendra Nagar.

You can see the pictures of some students studying in Bhimora Ashram. The students who study in the Bhimora Ashram, stay here and do their work on their own.

The alumni of this Ashram, Ajit Chanv, shared a lot of information with us.

He shared a story with us, which is associated with Bhimora. The brief of the story is as follows:

The old name of Bhimora was Bhimpuri, and during the exile term, Pandavas (Mahabharata) stayed at this place for some time. The name of the site is associated with the strongest Pandava, Bhim.

Pandavas in Exile (Image Credit:

It is believed that Bhim had power equal to that of a hundred elephants. During the exile term, Maa Kunta asked Bhim to bring a small stone, but Bhim bought the whole mountain because he considered a hill, a little rock for him. And to date, that mountain has got the palm impression of Bhim. You can check the picture below.

This giant stone looks like an Auto Rickshaw. and the villagers here gave it a name too, "Bhim ki Riksha".

This is ME in the pictures with Bhim ki Riksha.

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Till 3 in the noon, we explored the place and done with the video shoot as well. And it was time to have lunch. If we had gone back, that would take a lot of time because we were 40 km from Jasdan. And thus, we planned to travel 14 km and visit Chotila to have lunch. There is a famous Lala Raghuvanshi Hotel in Chotila, where we had lunch.

There is a Chamunda mata Mandir on the Chotila Parvat. A few days ago, I visited the place with my family, and I have already published the video on my Youtube channel, Mr. Nitzz; you can check it here.

After having lunch in Chotila, we traveled back to Jasdan and left for Rajkot.

Here our trip ends.

Have you ever visited these places? Have you ever heard about these places? Ever want to explore these places? Did you like the article? Don't forget to share your views in the comment section.

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  1. staying at your maternal uncle's home was like staying with my own family. It was awesome experience :D

  2. Thank you for the comment Bhaveshbhai, It was an amazing trip with you, and many more experiences are waiting for us, :D can't wait to pack my bags and go.

    Looking forward to travel more... :)

  3. Thank you so much for writing this blog about these places. I wanted to visited Bhimora caves and had very limited knowledge about it. Your blog helped a lot! Especially, the hand impression part and it's picture. I traced it here in the village and found it. Thanks a lot for sharing the pics and the information!