Madhavpur Beach - A beautiful landscape (My Experience)

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My 2020's First Trip to Madhavpur. Last time, I went to Hingolgadh and Bhimora in December 2019, and I have already shared my experience in the blog post along with the videos on my YouTube channel.

15th February 2020- Saturday (8:30 A.M.)
We left from Rajkot for Madhavpur. In between, there came in a lot of places like Gondal, Junagadh, and Mangrol. We reached Madhavpur around 3 P.M.


Gondal is 40 kilometers from Rajkot. We reached Gondal around 10 A.M. and had 'Daal Pakwaan,' which is one of my favorite foods to have breakfast.

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Just in front of this place, we saw something like a Heritage place, and we asked the owner of the food stall who told us that its Sangramji High School. We loved the place to get some pictures clicked. So, after having breakfast, we went inside the school and clicked a few photos from the ground of the school itself.


There was some construction work going on the highway, and thus, we had to move further towards Madhavpur from between the central Junagadh city. Around 1 P.M. we reached Vanthali, a small village which is 16 kilometers from Junagadh. And there we had lunch at Vachhraj Restaurant. And then, we left for Madhavpur.

Madhavpur Beach (Ghed)

Around 3 P.M., we reached Madhavpur, our final destination. The location of Madhvpur beach is at the Madhavpur Ghed, which is between the Somnath-Porbandar highway.

Out of the 7561 kilometers total coastline of the Arabian Sea, it gives approximately 1600 kilometers long coastline to the mainland where Gujarat has the most beautiful beaches, including Somnath beach, Mandvi beach, Tithal beach, Dwarka Beach and Diu & Daman.

So, if you are still finding a new beach to explore, then its Madhavpur Beach.

I must say that it is one of the most beautiful Azure water beaches in Gujarat. What makes it unique?

Picturesque Landscape

We all have seen many coastal line areas in the movies and videos, but I wanted to explore it in real. I always wanted to experience the feeling of the coastal line. And this nature at Madhavpur beach gave me a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Madhavpur Beach is a 6-km long Azure water beach which gives natural vibes. I am sure that if you would visit this beach, then you won't be able to stop yourself from experiencing the beauty of the seashore. You will fall short of words to describe the fantastic landscape, which is hard to compare to anything.

Camel Ride at Madhavpur Beach

So, here I experienced the first camel ride of my life. And honestly, I did enjoy it. The camel ride is for 100 INR, affordable one for one hour. Here are a few pictures of mine doing a camel ride.

Water sport activity at Madhavpur Beach

Madhavpur Beach also has sport and water activities. The Vijay Water Sports group owns all the sports activities. Some of the events are:-

  • Jet Ski ride – 300 RS
  • Speed Boat – 200 RS
  • Desert Bike – 200 RS
  • Banana Boat – 300 RS
  • Parasailing by boat – 1000 RS

1) The fare is for per person
2) The activity charges may change
3) Few activities might not be available according to the weather conditions

Things to do at Madhavpur Beach

  • Exploring the picturesque landscape
  • Have a beautiful and peaceful environment sitting at the seashore
  • Horse and Camel rides
  • If you love adventure, then go for water sports activities
  • You can have the best view of the sunset from the beach
  • If you love Kathiyawadi food, then you can visit the local restaurant, or else you can bring your own homemade food too.

Things to know before visit Madhavpur Beach

  • It is one of the cleanest and most transparent water beaches in Gujarat.
  • It is not safe for swimming because of deep waters and high waves. And even you won't find any lifeguards, so be safe.
  • There are no facilities to stay except for a few hotels and guest houses. The best options to-stay are available in Somnath or Porbandar.

Places to visit near Madhavpur

  1. Madhav Rai temple
  2. Rukmani Temple
  3. Osho Ashram
  4. Madhavpur turtle Hatchery

Rukmani Temple (Madhuvan) at Madhavpur

Around 5 P.M., we left for Rukmani temple from Madhavpur Beach. The place where Rukmani temple is situated is known as Madhuvan. We met BharatiBapu at the temple, who shared information about Madhuvan and the temple with us.

He told us that there used to be a Rakshas, named Madhu, who lived at this place. And God Vishnu killed him here. This is the reason behind the name of this place.

Furthermore, he told us that Shri Krishna got married to Rukmani at this place, and to date, on the same day of Chaitra Shukal Baaras, people here witness the wedding vows, and the site holds a religious fair, called Mela.

I Broke My Mic

After Rukmani Temple, we planned to visit the Madhavrai temple, but it was late evening, and sadly, my mic broke because of my mistake. And my whole mood ruined, and thus, we left Madhavpur around 7 P.M.

Moreover, Madhavrai Temple is a beautiful place for videography and photography, but we missed it. But, next time, whenever we will visit Porbandar or Junagadh, we will come to Madhavpur again and visit the places we have missed this time.

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