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Why do I LOVE making videos? (Is it just for Money?)

Posted by Nitin Maheta | July 19, 2020 Comments: 0

I have invested 2 lac+ rupees in purchasing video equipment, and it is just not enough because to make videos, we need more money to spend.

The first thing was my camera canon 80D that I bought on 8th October 2016, and that too when I did not know how to use a camera or edit the videos.

So, why did I invest that much money in video equipment?

Is it to make a lot of money?


The simple answer to this question is, "I love making MEMORIES!"

But that doesn't mean I hate money. YES, I need money.

And the money I earned or will earn from making the videos will help me buy more equipment. Because 2 lac is nothing, and there is no limit when it comes to the video equipment.

You won't believe it, but even after spending 50 lac or any more considerable amount, one can't be satisfied enough. You will always find something new to add to your gear.

Wherever I go, I always keep my video equipment with me, because I love capturing the views. I always try shooting videos from different angles and locations. I also do free video shoots on some special occasions for my family, friends, and relatives because it helps me learn new techniques.

I did more than 150 video shoots, and honestly, I learned a lot about it throughout. And now, what I love the most is the learning, gaining knowledge, and editing. To be honest, I can spend hours into video shooting and editing, without even getting bored. And the funny part is, my family thinks I am a maniac. :D

I guess now you all will understand why and how much I love making videos. But you might think that is it all just because I love making memories or capturing moments?

So, since I love making videos, I do like having the equipment too, and if I have all the required equipment, I will make a lot of videos, and eventually, I will have a lot of memories.

I would love to show my future family my video shoots and pictures I captured, telling them an exciting story. I would even like to share my experience and show them how I started carrying cameras and laughing with my funny shoots.

That all will happen in the future, right? Memories are for the future. But I love the whole process of learning new and creative things that are happening now.

Apart from making videos and editing stuff, I learned to write stories. Recently I have made a short film "Woo Hoo" which is a time travel based short film, and it has the right message at the end.

It was just a thought in my mind; I made the story out of it, then I created a video out of it. Can you imagine how happy I was throughout the process, and how proud I feel for myself?

Well, If I talk about my plans, There is no plan, and I don't know if I will make any.

That's all I wanted to share with all of you.

If you have any questions or want to share your story, the comment section is yours.

Thank you.


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