The idea of making the short film 'Woo Hoo!', What inspired it?

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There is a possibility that you might haven't seen my short film, which I published on July 1st, 2020, on my YouTube channel. The short film is about time travel, and I have tried to give a message by the end of it, and for that, you need to check that out.

You people might be thinking that what I am up to now in this article? So, I will be sharing the idea of making a short film on time travel in this article today. And after reading this article, you people will get to know the suspense of the short film. I would suggest you watch the short film before moving further with this article.

If you haven't yet watched the short film, then click here.

And if you have already watched it, then read it further.

My Experiences and Equipment

Talking about my experience, then It's been four years since I'm into video making, and I must say that I have learned a lot, and there is still a lot more to earn. Video making is my passion, and since I am not making much from videos, I have limited equipment. And to learn more about this, I would suggest you read my previous post, Why do I LOVE making videos? (Is it just for Money?)

Before this short film, I have also made a short film titled Suicide, published in two parts and 18 minutes long. [LINK] I wanted to capture the reactions of people. Thus I made my friends and family sit beside me to watch the film And after watching it till the end, I have got mixed reviews where few not understood the concept. A few of them couldn't be able to connect. A few seem to get bored of it but watching it as if I have forced them to But, a few of them loved it. I thought that it might depend on a person's interest, But I did note that I will make a short one in terms of duration from the next time while shooting or making a short film.

The idea of Time Travel and Painkiller

As far as I know, there hasn't been any single Time Travel film which I haven't seen because it always has been my favorite genre. And since then, I had an idea to make a short film on time travel. Before making this short film, I haven't just seen the movies, but I have even read about time travel. And we all know that when we dedicate ourselves to something, that thing continuously revolves in our mind.

One day, I suffered from a severe headache, and I took a painkiller and went to sleep. I had a weird dream, which made me wake up around two times that night, and the last dream of mine, I remembered.

The last dream was like; I had an application in my smartphone from which I used to travel to different places at different time intervals.

In the beginning, I was traveling 2018-19-20 years only, but then all of a sudden, I traveled billions of years back and got stuck. I could only see jungles and even dinosaurs' voices. I was afraid, and when I tried to come back to present 2020, I wasn't able to because I found that the app isn't working anymore because there was no technology. And this meant that I wouldn't be able to come back to 2020, and this dream was so realistic that I was afraid.

All of a sudden, I woke up from sleep and realized that it was just a dream. Honestly, I never had any weird dreams or real fantasies like these ever, and if I ever had, then I don't remember them.

Then I thought that a painkiller did this wonder. And then researched Google and came to know that yes, people often get weird dreams after consuming painkillers. And while exploring the same, I realized that it isn't right to consume painkillers, and many people even have an addiction.

For the next few days, I couldn't come back from this weird dream, and then I thought, why not make a short film on time travel itself. And this will even make me happy because I always wanted to make a short film on time travel, and I can even give me the right message.

And then I started working on my short film.

I finished the shooting of this short film in two days, but the editing took 15 long days, And even I slightly changed the story. But most of it is as same as I have seen in my dream.

This short film is just ten minutes long, including behind the scenes. And this time, everyone loved my short film, and none got bored with it.

Many of my friends are making short films for a long and have more experience than me, who pointed out the editing mistakes.

While making this short film, I have learned a lot and will be learning more with my next.
So, this was the idea behind this short film on time travel.

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